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Microsoft ends support of XP

In this day and age, I like to think that a good portion of the population already know that Internet Explorer has been a pack follower, not a leader in supporting modern web browser standards. Microsoft recently announced that as of today, April 8, 2014, they are no longer supporting the Windows XP operating system, which is 12 years old, and rightly so. Did you know that hackers find vulnerabilities for XP on a monthly basis, and that Microsoft in turn has to release patches every month for the last 12 years to keep up?

Web Design vs Web Development vs Programming

In the business of web development we often hear the phrases 'web design', 'web development' and 'programming' but what are the actual differences between these areas? This article will examine the different roles of each and how they contribute to a project, highlighting the path this author took over the years in the process.

Responsive Web Design Compared to Adaptive Website Design

Responsive and adaptive website layouts, commonly referred to as RWD and AWD, have been a growing necessity in web design for years now, but although the terms are arguably familiar there is still confusion around what the differences between these layouts are why they are important in modern web development. This article will explain the differences between these designs and why they are important for your website or your client's websites.

responsive web design vs adaptive web design

Drupal compared to WordPress and Joomla

Drupal and WordPress are two of the most common CMS's out there and along with Joomla are the most often compared systems. Note, however that there are literally thousands of CMS's out there!! This article will focus on these popular systems and try to answer the question: Which is the right choice and how do you decide which is better? First of all, it's important to avoid getting caught in the 'which is better' conversation, because that is far too general an approach and ultimately not very useful.